Our services

Kosice Rental Apartments offers comprehensive services for residential housing to satisfy your needs.

Reception + 24/7 Emergency service
Kosice Rental Apartments provides reception services. We will help you resolve any issues associated with the use of your apartment and provide additional services. You can also use the 24/7 Emergency Service.

All units in Kosice Rental Apartments residential complex have a common basement with underground garages, so clients can easily get to their apartments and to the supermarket or restaurant. The carpark is monitored by sophisticated card system and security cameras.


 The services listed below are already included in the rental price, at a flat rate.

Property Management
KRA has its own staff, who handle mainly:

  • repairs in the apartments concerning all electrical appliances, waste, power failures, water and heating, the Internet, television and satellite connection
  • immediate intervention in case of disturbance of the silent hours. The company is the sole owner of the KRA complex, so it has the opportunity to control and ensure compliance with house rules within the complex.
  • 24/7 emergency service in case of accidents and urgent breakdowns in the apartments or in the complex
  • full repairs and maintenance of the building, premises and its surroundings, parking spaces
  • meter readings, including billing of services

Reception and Camera System
Reception services are available every working day, depending on opening hours and provide the following services:

  • receipt of non-cash payments
  • reporting faults in the apartments, requests for repairs
  • receipt of post for clients. Upon notice, the client can pick up the shipment directly at the reception without having to visit the post office.
  • 24/7 camera system throughout the complex
  • answers to clients’ queries, receiving complaints
  • issuance of entry cards and keys, parking controls

Cleaning of Common Areas
The cleaning of internal common areas such as corridors, lifts, stairs and also external common areas, which include all roads inside and around the complex. It also includes the maintenance of greenery, regular mowing of grass in the area, snow removal, etc. All work is provided by our own team of permanent staff.

Household waste removal is provided by a supplier at regular intervals according to the type of waste at least once a week.

Personal Lift, including Revisions
Mandatory revisions and inspections related to the KRA premises are performed by professional external companies designated for this purpose.
This concerns mainly lifts in individual sections of the building, revisions of fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment, revisions of TV and satellite aerials, revisions of entrance doors, entrance gates and shutters, etc.

Internet Connection

There is of course a high-speed internet connection (60 Mbit/s) in all apartments available.

Electricity in Common Areas
Electricity consumption in common indoor and outdoor areas – corridors, parking lots, outdoor lighting, etc.