The feeling of home with the conveniences of a hotel

Available for weeks, months, years

Main advantages of long-term rental in Kosice Rental Apartments

location in central business district
front desk service
24-hour emergency service
in-house maintenance service
private green atrium
free wi-fi and tv included
tailor-made furniture with built-in appliances
high energy efficiency




LONG-TERM RENTAL (from 3 to 24 months)

3 – 90 nights

3 months

12 months

24 months

1-room apartment available in 2022 from 607 €/month* from 485 €/month* from 465 €/month*
2-room apartment available in 2022 from 797 €/month* from 638 €/month* from 611 €/month*
3-room apartment available in 2022 from 1.215 €/month* from 972 €/month* from 931 €/month*

* possibility of renting for 3,4,5,6 …. 24 months

Welcome to Kosice Rental Apartments!

Kosice Rental Apartments offer 151 high quality furnished apartments for short-term and long-term rentals situated in central business district of the city. Our serviced apartments can be rented for a few nights or permanently. Residential project Kosice Rental Apartments is a part of multifunctional project Business Centre Kosice operated by company CTR business center III. a.s., member of the internationally operating CTR group.

Business Centre Kosice is located on both sides of Sturova Street, right next to the Steel Arena, and both buildings create an architectural landmark and a symbolic entrance gate to the city centre. Business Centre Kosice offers complex functional use of premises, from rental apartments through office premises, supermarket, restaurant to other retail units. Naturally, a sufficient number of parking spaces is available for residents and tenants as well as for clients and customers.

Excellent location in the city center, underground garages, shopping arcade, private atrium with plenty of greenery – unique atmosphere of Kosice Rental Apartments provides a comprehensive range of residential housing services to ensure your full satisfaction and comfort.

Basic data

above-ground floors 12
underground floors 1
number of units 151
size of units 1 – 3 rooms

Long-term rentals

Rent from 3 months and longer

Short-term rentals

Rent from 3 nights

Feeling like home with the conveniences of a hotel

Feeling at home

Renting an apartment at Kosice Rental Apartments means enjoying the comfort and convenience of home. Each apartment is equipped with absolutely everything you appreciate in your own home.
The apartment offers plenty of space: a hall with a closet, a fully equipped kitchen, a pleasant living area with a cosy sofa, a large flat-screen TV, a bathroom, a bedroom.
Almost every apartment provides its own outdoor space in the form of a loggia, terrace or garden. Some apartments even offer a sauna. Just like at home, you have also your own parking space.
As soon as you enter the apartment and the door is closed behind you, you become a director and write your own script. Knowing what you have in the fridge, what to eat for dinner, and what wine to open with it: this also means to be at home.
Welcoming guests, enjoying a glass of wine on a warm summer night, or just relaxing and enjoying your privacy in ambient lighting: all this is offered by Košice Rental Apartments.

What do hotels offer?

Hotels usually offer single rooms with a bathroom. During your stay, you can ask the hotel reception to help you with your problems and wishes. Your room gets cleaned, the towels are exchanged, and you enjoy the comfort, knowing you don’t have to worry about anything. And when something doesn’t work or if there are problems, you just call the reception and get things done immediately. In addition to the comfort, you can use other services to have more time and rest in the hotel.

Living at Kosice Rental Apartments

Kosice Rental Apartments offer both – a sense of home with the convenience of a hotel. It doesn’t matter if you come to Kosice for a few days, or if you’re planning a longer stay. We don’t have anonymous breakfast buffets or a 24/7 reception. We have invested in comfortable, spacious housing with highquality facilities and equipment. Our reception is available during the opening hours. We tailor our services to your individual needs. If you want to go to the theatre or need help, if you want us to recommend you a trip or order a taxi, we’ll take care of it.

Short-term rentals

If you choose a short-term rental, its price includes all services and bills, i.e. electricity, water and heating, concierge services and property management, camera system, waste disposal, and cleaning of the common areas. Long-term rentals are available for more favourable prices.

Long-term rentals

The price for long-term rentals (for 3 months and longer) is more favourable and includes all services. The cost of electricity, water and heating is paid in advance and annually billed according to real consumption.

All-inclusive living

in Kosice Rental Apartments


24/7 Emergency service


 underground garages

Shopping center

supermarket and other stores and services